Episode 18:

Effective account planning drives 40-70% higher revenues and greater customer satisfaction and loyalty. It takes great preparation, good processes and strong preparation

About this Short Bytes episode

've been deeply involved in account planning process development, improvement and facilitation for many years and have seen the strong positive impact on value creation, customer satisfaction and loyalty and revenue.

Here are a few lessons learned along the way:
  • Account planning, as the basis for account based selling, is vastly different from writing an account plan
  • Effective preparation helps to ensure the success of an individual account planning initiative
  • Good account planning requires the ongoing participation of key customer stakeholders...and this, by itself, is a decent judge of the relationship strength
  • Well defined processes help to ensure success...it's the secret sauce of every good facilitator. Trained facilitators help to ensure that goals and objectives are achieved
If you want help developing/supercharging your account planning or account-based selling activities, let me know. We can help you design an effective, comprehensive account planning framework and process that ensures higher revenues and customer satisfaction.

To follow up, you can reach me on ⁠⁠⁠LinkedIn ⁠⁠or via the Acelera Group ⁠⁠website⁠⁠.

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