Episode 15:

Getting your "fair share" with enterprise customers? Change your selling approach and enjoy better results. Ulrik Monberg, CEO of ARPEDIO outlines his recipe for effective Account Based Selling

About this episode

Special guest ⁠⁠Ulrik Monberg⁠ shares his passion for effective account based selling. Ulrik identified something missing in CRM over a decade ago, describing the category generally as providing a place to store transactional and contact information, while less useful for guiding account team behavior or truly fostering a value selling mindset. 

He set off to build ARPEDIO, to provide a platform to support the functions of Assess, Reflect, Plan, Execute (ARPEDIO) (and Dio, which means God in Greek).  We recently discovered our mutual enthusiasm for thoughtful, effective account planning and account based selling.

We agree that “account plans” are static, stale documents that get stuck in a drawer and forgotten. The process of account planning is one important pillar of account based selling (ABS), which has the goal of benefitting the customer, the customer’s customer and the selling organization. 

Ulrik provides a brief look into ABS excellence, sharing six key areas:
  • Process - Customer lifecycle management
  • Value - Tailored value experience
  • Orchestration - Cross-functional team sellingData - Dedication and discipline
  • Tech stack - Integrated and helpful
  • Leadership - Culture and change journey
He describes the SAM or KAD as the critical orchestrator of this approach for effective customer engagement.

Key takeaways of our conversation:
  • Account based selling provides the foundation for co-creation with customers
  • Selling is all about helping the customer to find different - more effective, profitable, competitive - ways of doing business
  • AI can be employed intelligently and effectively — using the appropriate inputs, understanding what good “should” look like, and acting on the recommendations
  • Focus on building a learning organization, leverage the tribal knowledge and ongoing process improvement
You can find a deeper dive on this topic with Ulrik and me here.

To follow up with Ulrik, you can reach him on ⁠⁠LinkedIn⁠ or via his company ⁠website⁠.

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